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2. července 2008 v 19:26 | Arakanga |  A few words in English...
Hello there, all Worm-lovers!
You may ask (and you're probably asking, I can read your mind...) why did we create this webpage while there are some great sites about the Arrogant Worms already, so this one can't possibly be anything special. There's no new stuff, no original pictures (although I would love to take some in person, I'm afraid that it's a long way from the Czech Republic to Canada for a high school student). Let's make it short and return back to the original question. Why did we make this webpage?
The answer is quite easy. While Canadians and some other nations know this trio, in the Czech Republic they are completely unknown (if you don't know where the Czech Republic is, look at a map. It's right in the middle of Europe. Small but proud, yeah!). And so it's up to us, their only two Czech fans (we dare to say so), to make the rest of the nation understand what a huge mistake it is, that they know nothing about the Worms. A task that may seem impossible, but we're going to take over the whole country one day. Just wait and see.
As soon as we started to work on this blog (or whatever it is), we've realized that there's one tiny problem. That is, many of our visitors would be just too lazy (or unable) to translate the lyrics themselves and thereby wouldn't either understand a word or wouldn't get what's so funny about the songs (and, as much as I love the music, the lyrics can crack me up everytime...see, just because this text is full of mistakes, it doesn't mean that I don't understand the lyrics. By the way, sorry for the errors and for writing so many parentheses). The same goes for the informations about the Worms. So, what did we do? That's right, we've started to translate everything, knowing that if someone visits this blog, he won't probably even comment any article. Still, thinking positive is important, so we don't give up.
Now, what can you expect from this blog? Let's see it in points:

-Translations of the lyrics. These are made by me (Arakanga). I'm trying to translate them in a way so the translation is as accurate as possible, but it also has to rhyme and it has to be possible to sing it to the melody of the song. That's not easy at all, but I'd say it could have been much worse.
-Some fan works. Since I like to draw and to modify the pictures using Photoshop, I've decided to put some of my efforts on fanart here. The same will go for the fan videos and other fan related stuff.
-Translations of some informations and interviews. Yes, that's important as well. I'd be more precise if I just said "If it's Worms-related, I'm going to translate it and post it".
-Ahem...the Czech versions of the songs. That's no serious stuff, but I've noticed that the visitors of this blog say that sometimes they're unable to figure out how to sing the translation along with the original song. So I've recorded some of those and although I know I'm no great singer, I hope it'll be quite helpful.
-Phew...what else? Some pictures? Links?
That's all, I'd say. But never believe what I say because I'm a bit sclerosal. But hey, who isn't?
I don't care that you're not. I am.
Now, what was I writing about?
Enjoy your stay on this webpage. And if you feel like commenting, I'll only appreciate it.

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1 Sonia Sonia | E-mail | Web | 2. července 2008 v 21:20 | Reagovat

Errrr... what?! XD

2 Arakanga Arakanga | E-mail | Web | 2. července 2008 v 22:40 | Reagovat

No jasně, Luddick :D

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