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12. července 2008 v 3:17 | Arakanga |  A few words in English...
Mhm...yeah. This is an article about me, the weird person which is staring to this screen, patting two kittens sitting on her lap and desperately thinking what to write. So...my nickname is...
Hello to all the Worms fans. I'm a girl who lives in Czech Republic, Prague (that's our capital, duh). As you've probably guessed from the articles, I'm the one taking care of this blog. My interests are writing (of poetry, short stories, fan fictions...all both in Czech and English language, although the English ones are...stupid is the word, I believe. Not that the Czech ones are any better, but the language barrier takes its price), reading, drawing, music (classical, then some soundtracks, mostly by Kurt Harland and Danny Elfman, pop, rock...and the Worms, of course), singing, amateur-ish acting and dubbing, playing flute, a figurative dance, history, mysteries, Monty Python etc. I also like to translate some texts (still trying to improve my English and obviously mostly failing to do so). You can find some of my other creations in the Spřátelené stránky section...or, if you're non-Czech speaking person, you can check my works here: http://arakanga-en.blog.cz . What else should I tell you...I like to read books written by Ray Bradbury, Robert Graves (I, Claudius and the continuation), James Herbert...the problem is that I'm a reading maniac, which doesn't leave me with much free time. And I look quite pale because I'm spending most of my days reading or doing whatever I wrote thereinbefore. I attend a gymnasium (one of a general alignment) which isn't that great, because while the languages, history and social sciences are quite OK...ay...the mathematics...And in the future? I would like to study psychology (although drama is pretty good too, there's not enough talent to work with, I'm afraid).
My favorite songs by the Worms: Horizon, Go to Sleep Little Leech, Christmas Is Almost Here, The Fishing Song, Losing Hair Under God, Mountie Song, Trichonosis, Carrot Juice Is Murder, The Last Saskatchewan Pirate, Mounted Animal Nature Trail...
How to contact me:
Skype: Arakanga.Ra

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